Super Series 101

A little bit about the Rodeo Super Series. . . .

The Rodeo Super Series is a new and exciting rodeo format and will sanction at least 8 rodeos in Missouri, Kansas and Iowa! These events will be produced by the Silver Creek Rodeo Company.

The Rodeo Super Series will introduce a “new” on-line and call-in entry system and strive to improve communication between rodeo contestants, stock contractors and rodeo committees.

The Super Series will be “First Sanction” at all Silver Creek Rodeo produced events during the 2021 rodeo season. Other “Second and/or Third Sanction” can and will be MRCA or IRCA or ACRA, depending on rodeo committee and region! Super Series sanctioned rodeos will adhere to the “Second Sanction” rulebook.

Additional ground rules may be in effect at regular season rodeos and the Year-end Finale.

Entry Fee amounts and “add-ons” (stock charge, day money, judges fee, finals fund, jacket fund, etc) will be determined by the Rodeo Super Series and Second Sanction rulebook.

The Rodeo Super Series is proposing a $10 increase in the MRCA contestant entry fees from $40 to $50 in the bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, bull riding and a $20 increase in the IRCA contestant entry fees from $30 to $50 in the bareback riding, saddle bronc riding and bull riding.

In lieu of an annual membership fee or association dues, contestants will pay $15 per rodeo (not per event entered), to enter and participate at a Rodeo Super Series sanctioned event.

Contestants will be required to enter at least 50% of the “Super Series” sanctioned rodeos to be eligible to participate in the Rodeo Super Series Year-End Finale (i.e. if there are 8 Super Series rodeos produced in 2021, contestants must enter and compete in 4 rodeos).

(12) contestants in each event will compete in the Rodeo Super Series Year-End Finale with at least$2500 added to each of 9 events (equal money in TR).

Year-end Finale event entry fee amount TBD.

Qualification to the Year-end Super Series Finale will be based on a points system:

  • Contestants will earn (1) point for each contestant he/she beats in each event. Points will be awarded down through all recorded times and qualified rides. Contestants entered and competing with a no time or no score will all receive (1) point.
  • Top 12 rough stock contestants (based on points) will compete at the Super Series Finale.
  • Top 8 timed event contestants (based on points) will be automatically seeded into the Super Series Finale.
  • A Wild Card event consisting of 2 go-rounds, will be held prior to the first performance at the Super Series Finale to determine participants for 9th thru 12th position in all timed events. All timed event contestants who have entered and competed in at least 50% of the 2021 Super Series sanctioned rodeos will be eligible to compete in the Super Series Wild Card. The top 4 in the aggregate, after two go-rounds, will advance to the Super Series Finale.

During the Super Series Year-End Finale event, additional jackpots are planned in all timed events during the day on Friday and Saturday.

*Rodeo Super Series ground rules are subject to revision and change